Friday, March 14, 2014

Something Different

Quilts.  I have seen so many beautiful ones all made by someone other than me.  Well, that is about to change. I am starting my first quilt!

Not content to sneak up on the idea of a quilt and make something small and easily accomplished in a few hours, I am starting off my adventures on quilting by making a queen size quilt for our bedroom.  Because we like cleaner lines and a more modern aesthetic, I chose a quilt from the book "Modern Mix: 16 Sewing Projects that Combine Designer Prints & Solid Fabrics, 7 Quilts + Pillows, Bags & More",  (Amazon Link:

I chose the design called __________________.  Instead of Pink, Brown and Orange fabrics, we went with Green, Brown, and Orange since the walls in our bedroom are sage green.  My husband went with me to pick up the fabrics since we both really wanted the quilt to be special and something we both like.  We chose a mixture of various batiks and a beige background which has a parchment mottling.  I also picked up extra fabric of the darkest green for some sashing and to make new pillow cases.

I worked very diligently and have the entire top pieced.  Next comes the quilting.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm working on my very first quilt right now, too! It's a (seemingly) simple pattern from the Sew Red for Heart Health book. I've only collected the fabric so far, I'm kinda nervous to start cutting into it but I'm excited to start using my scraps! Best of luck to us :)